Group Pickups

We now offer Home Delivery! We are still hosting Group Pickups, but everyone most take turns and stay six feet, or more, away from others. If you choose Home Delivery on a Group Delivery Day near you , your Delivery Fees will be less, because the distance is calculated from the Group Pickup Location.

At Group Pickups there are no fees, but you must park and remain next to your vehicle until called. At most Group Pickup Locations you should be able to drive up to us, so long as you won’t obstruct other drivers or parkers. Once you are called to receive your purchases, we will remain six feet away from you. We will be somewhere in the parking lot on the dates below. The address is typically a park, public facility, or in a back parking lot of a business. Look for the Local2Pets car flags! You can always contact us to learn more about a Group Pickup Location.

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