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Animals are at their healthiest when they eat the freshest foods available which satisfy their nutritional needs. Pets, like dogs and cats, are carnivores. Carnivores get the nutrition they need out of the right combinations of raw animal protein.
Feeding your pet carnivores a diet based on raw meats can be of great benefit to them. It can give them shiny teeth, fresh breath, a beautiful coat, healthy skin, and lots of energy. Pets with digestive issues, allergies, and even behavioral problems can see rapid improvement when switched to a raw diet. You may see more positive effects the longer your animals stay on a raw diet.

Why processed food doesn't cut it.

Dry or canned pet food may contain low quality proteins as well cheap fillers, such as grains. Pet food is cooked at a high temperature, destroying natural vitamins, so vitamins are later added back in synthetic form. What is a pet owner to do?

Many decide to switch to raw pre-made mixes; however, these products may contain low quality meat, despite the high price and manufacturer claims. Pet food regulations allow the use of denatured meat as well as meat from dead or dying animals. Many raw-feeders turn to grocery stores, try to buy in bulk or hunt for sales. However, getting meat out of the mainstream supply doesn’t guarantee fresh, quality or enhancement-free meat. Mainstream meat often includes sodium and other additives that are harmful.

Local Buying

At Local 2 Pets, we understand the challenge of finding quality meats to feed your pet carnivore from common sources or the Internet. In hunting for the best meat at a fair price, we shifted our focus to buying locally. This is the best way to ensure you buy meats that are fresh and learn about the good practices of local farmers. Local farmers tend to treat their livestock more humanely and raise it organically. As a bonus, it is more affordable! Since you pick up locally, you don't have to pay for shipping.


In order to ensure freshness and selection and also cut down on cost, we built this marketplace where you can buy directly from a farm local to you. The payment will be processed online before you head out for the pickup. After you pick up your purchase, the farmer will receive the money. We hope you enjoy the convenience. By supporting farms in your area, you will also help drive the local economy. Please let us know anything we can do to help you further!

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