Local 2 pets has been key in my decision to put Ozark on a raw food diet. The pick up site is pretty convenient for me but mainly the community is so supportive. Aleksandra posts frequent updates and the community responds to questions. It is a great thing!

Laura, a Raw Feeder, Sugar Hill, GA

Joining Local2pets has been an incredibly positive experience for my business. Aleksandra and Paul are always there to answer my questions. I am so appreciative of the support they have given my farm too! I have yet to encounter a group as supportive of their farmers as these guys! Add to that, their system makes delivery and payment super easy and convenient, which gives me more time to focus on the animals. If you have an opportunity to be involved in the Local2pets raw feeding venture, give it a try! Odds are, you will find new friends, customers and avenues for your products too!

Laura, a Farmer, Jensen Reserve

I like working with Local 2 Pets because they are a bunch of great friendly folks to work with and honesty is the number one factor with Local 2 Pets as it should be with any business.

Tony, a Farmer, Green Valley Pride

As a farmer with limited reach to customers who appreciate quality, naturally raised proteins I have found Local2Pets.com an invaluable resource. I have a storefront where customers can interact directly with me and order the products I list. I can also organize delivery/pickup and customers pay through the site and transactions are smooth. From the prospective of a tester for website usability who offers honest, candid feedback, I can say that Local2pets is super easy to use, straight forward and uncomplicated. Farmers don’t like complicated 🙂

Alice, a Farmer, Butt Nekkid Foods

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