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Local 2 Pets started as a community cooperative sourcing quality meats for our beloved pets.  We had been raw feeding for a few years and understood the challenges finding reliable meat sources.  We have long been concerned of quality issues in pet food, and had been feeding whole meats from grocery stores for some time.  Meat additives and wholesaler + retailer markup meant that we were still compromising considerably on the quality of food we could offer our pets.

The co-op started with supply from a local meat market and eventually some farmers.  We realized that farmers sometimes have excess meat that would not be sold for human consumption for various reasons, but is still higher quality pet food than can be purchased at a grocer or through pet food distribution channels.  Since the supply is not endless, or even regular, from any individual farm, Local 2 Pets was born to provide farmers a marketplace in which nearby raw feeding pet owners can purchase and pick up various meats.

We are elated that you are taking such good care of your pets in feeding them a species appropriate diet.  We love to hear your stories and see your pictures!  Please keep in touch with any suggestions for Local 2 Pets, or to share your raw feeding story!

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