White Oak Pastures

White Oak Pastures name has been respectfully mentioned in conversations with more farmers and Georgia Organics members since we started working on Local 2 Pets, than any other name.  They are an Animal Welfare Approved farm, slaughterhouse and processing facility in west-central Georgia.  We have visited them twice now, and are proud to be offering their raw single-protein meat, bone and organ grinds and Dehydrated Chews.

Bluffton, GA contains the residences of White Oak Pastures employees, guest cabins, their general store, their Dehydrated Chews, Leather and Tallow Soap shop and the farm itself.  On the farm is a Restaurant where fresh, never frozen, meat from their expansive acreage make up such dishes as the WOP’R burger with fresh pastured egg, pastured bacon, peanut butter and organic vegetables grown on the farm; and our favorite appetizer:  Tacos de Lengua (beef tongue tacos), which I cannot wait to try with corn tortillas!  I picked the flour since I’m so used to not eating corn, but here I can and so cannot wait until my next trip!  While the wind can sometimes blow in air from the pastures that is unusual for a restaurant setting, the food is so good, we know we will continue to try to find reasons to visit the farm just to eat there again!

Aleksandra typically cannot finish her entrée after splitting an appetizer whenever we dine out.  But she always splits an appetizer with me and finishes her entrée and side(s) when dining at White Oak Pastures. There’s something about the food that satisfies you completely, but always leaves you looking forward to your next bite.  It’s almost like the feelings of hunger and fullness don’t exist once you start eating a White Oak Pastures meal.  Instead there are only near-satiation and delicious taste.

This time we had different hamburgers, she had steak fries and I pasta salad (a cold take on mac and cheese which is outstanding with one of the hot sauces they have.  Although if you feel you need an habenero or hotter sauce, you’ll need to bring your own.) The time before were unbelievable steaks — the flank and filet.  I am surprised each time Aleksandra shares some of the dessert, too!

Their Non-GMO Project Verified pet grinds are, of course, no different.  Teddy and Chipper devour them, even when being boarded at a brand new sitter’s house!  The convenience of grinds and the assurance of the highest quality food possible make White Oak Pastures’ products on Local 2 Pets instant hits with everyone.  On Local 2 Pets, White Oak Pastures currently offers:

  • Pasture-Raised Guinea Fowl
  • Pasture-Raised Turkey
  • Pasture-Raised Chicken
  • Pasture-Raised Duck

For Georgia customers only (until further notice):  If you wish to try White Oak Pastures pet grinds, you can purchase for one of the Group Pickups where they are offered, or email us to tell us your location and order size and we will work out transport options for you.

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